21st Century Public Servant

Although lots has been written about the need for public services to reform, less has been discussed about how this will impact on the workforce.  If we are to plan effectively for the future then it is crucial that we have a sense of what the public service workforce of the future might look like, what roles public servants might play, the skills and capabilities they will need to achieve this and how development and education will need to change.  The workforce issue is important not only because of the sorts of changes that are taking place in the public service context, but also as we are starting to see shifts in terms of the nature of work more broadly.  Whilst some of the suggested changes to work may be more postulated than real at the moment; what is clear is that we are all going to work for longer, we will likely have several careers over this period and portfolio careers will be become more popular.

Over the last few years I have been doing work on this topic in the UK (in conjunction with colleagues at the University of Birmingham) and in Australia.  In this category I will bring together some of the publications that have come out of this work, interesting articles that I come across and ideas of where to take the work programme next.  If you are interested in this topic you might also want to read the blog that I run with colleagues at the University of Birmingham – https://21stcenturypublicservant.wordpress.com/  We’re always keen to hear about new and interesting ideas, articles or events that might also cover these issues.


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