No website is complete without cute pictures

So to balance out the nerd content and to appeal to all the animal lovers out there here are a few pictures of the pets that cause chaos around our family home.  They are all pretty young as we have got them all since arriving in Australia.

First up we got our lovely wolf grey husky Polly.


Because one husky is never enough we got Dexter about 8 months later.  This is him as a baby.  He is an Isabella White husky which confuses a lot of people as they don’t expect huskies to be this colour.  We’ve often been asked if he is anything from a lab cross to a dingo!


He’s lots bigger and stronger now.  Here is a picture of Polly and Dexter together


We also have a cat called Elvis.  He is a little cat and won’t grow much after he nearly died at about 6 months of age.  He had to have a very serious operation and it was touch and go for a while.  He pulled through and now does whatever he wants (he nearly died after all).  Here is a picture of Polly nursing him back to health when he was sick.


More gratuitous animal shots to follow no doubt as the family have more animal plans in the pipeline!


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