Commissioning public services: an evidence review

Commissioning is a concept that has started to gain a footing in the context of Australian public services in recent months.  Whilst previous work on commissioning has largely been confined to the United Kingdom (and England in particular), commissioning appeared as a key concept in last year’s Federal Commission of Audit and subsequent Federal Budget.  At the level of state government, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria have all been experimenting with this concept and it has become an important component of workforce competency in Victoria.  Medicare Locals are soon to be replaced by Primary Health Networks and the tender for these organisations has commissioning as a key function.

It is clear that in the context of Australian public services the time has come for the concept of commissioning.  What is less clear is whether this will drive significant change in practice and the length of time that this concept will be around.

In an attempt to inform discussions of commissioning in Australia, the Melbourne School of Government has recently published a review of the evidence relating to this concept, which also sets out a number of lessons relating to commissioning.  If you are interested in this concept more broadly or want to discuss this with us further then please get in touch with me directly.


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