The University of Melbourne launched it’s own digital communication platform last year called Pursuit.  This carries a number of different pieces about the research that academics at the university produce and other more general commentary on key issues in an accessible format.  This week I have written or been interviewed for short pieces in larger stories that appear in Pursuit on two pretty disparate topics.

The first piece is a scene setting article for an upcoming podcast – The Policy Shop – which is hosted by Vice Chancellor Glyn Davis.  In this monthly podcast Glyn invites in academics and other prominent guests to discuss issues around public policy and its impacts on Australia and the world more broadly.  In the upcoming episode there will be a discussion on whether government are becoming too large.  In the scene setting piece Professor John Langmore (former Labor politician and now colleague in the Melbourne School of Government), Bill Forwood (former Coalition politician and now strategic counsel at government and public relations firm CPR) and myself offer our views on this issue.  In doing so I point out that small government is pretty tricky to achieve – even if you outsource various different functions and activities then this inevitably requires significant effort around market stewardship.

In the second piece a number of so-called “political junkies” are asked for their perspective on what the best ten TV shows are for campaign viewing.  It is a pretty funny piece all in all (and not just because it describes me as a political scientist).  It also gave me a chance to talk about the Sopranos, which I would have to say is hands down the best piece of TV ever made.




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