Over the past few years I have published 17 books in total, most co-authored, some sole authored and a few edited collections.  These are listed below along with a short overview of what each book is about.

Dickinson, H., Needham, C., Mangan, C & Sullivan, H. (2018) Reimagining the future public service workforce.  Singapore: Springer



This book investigates the professional needs and training requirements of an ever-changing public service workforce in Australia and the United Kingdom. It explores the nature of future roles, the types of skills and competencies that will be required and how organisations might recruit, train and develop public servants for these roles.

Better Partnership Working (2nd Editions)

This is a five book series comprising books on various topics relevant to collaborative working.  These are revisions of the series originally published in 2008 and there is a blog post on the series which sets out the various topics and contents in more detail.

book series.jpg


Carpenter, J. & Dickinson, H. (2016) Interprofessional education and training. 2nd Edition. Bristol: Policy Press.

Dickinson, H. & O’Flynn, J. (2016) Evaluating outcomes in health and social care. 2nd Edition. Bristol: Policy Press.

Jelphs, K., Dickinson, H. & Miller, R (2016) Working in teams. 2nd Edition. Bristol: Policy Press.

Dickinson, H. & Carey, G (2016) Managing and leading in inter-agency settings. 2nd Edition. Bristol: Policy Press.

Glasby, J. & Dickinson, H. (2014) Partnership working in health and social care: What is integration and how can we deliver it? 2nd Edition. Bristol: Policy Press.


Dickinson, H (2014) Performing governance: Culture, New Labour and Partnerships. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

performing governance

This book is an expansion of the ideas that I originally developed during my PhD research where I tried to set out a performance framework for collaborative working.  This book sets out these ideas and then applies the framework to three policy areas that underwent significant reform under the New Labour governments: child safeguarding; urban regeneration; and, the modernisation of health and social care.

Glasby, J. & Dickinson, H (2014) A-Z of interagency working. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

a to z

Jon Glasby and I were invited to write this book as part of Palgrave MacMillan’s Professional Keywords series.  The book essentially captures key policies, concepts and perspectives across adult and children’s services and distills this complex area into 70 entries.  It explains terminology and policies and engages with the evidence base to help explain what is going on at at the ground level.  This is an ideal starting-point for students needing to get to grips with current debates, and a perfect point of reference for practitioners and policy-makers engaged in collaboration and partnership day to day.

Williams, I., Robinson, S. & Dickinson, H. (2012) Rationing in health care: The theory and practice of priority setting. Bristol: Policy Press.


This book was written with Iestyn Williams and Suzanne Robinson when we were all based together in an office at the Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham.  We were doing quite a bit of work on issues of priority setting and decision making in health care, dealing with issues of how organisations can make difficult issues of resource allocation in times of fiscal constraint.  This book brings together the theory  of priority setting from a range of different disciplines and provides practical, evidence-based prescriptions for decision makers.

Peck, E. & Dickinson, H. (2009) Performing Leadership. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

performing leadership

In this book Edward Peck and I wanted to add to the debate over leadership by considering it as a form of performance.  Drawing from a range of different disciplines (sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, management studies, organisational behaviour etc) we explore the ways in which we can consider leadership as performance and the implications of doing so.  With a focus throughout on the ways in which managers can apply these ideas in their own leadership, it also explores the ways in which leadership development programmes could be shaped by notions of performance.

Better Partnership Working Book Series

In 2007 I wrote 5 books in total for Policy Press (1 solo authored and the remainder joint authored) that dealt with different aspects of collaborative working in health and social care.  The intention of this series was that we would present the latest research evidence about a series of different themes in relation to collaborative working, but written in an accessible way.  We hoped that these would be of help to the many different individuals and organisations trying to make a reality of more joined-up working at the local level.  I

Glasby, J. & Dickinson, H. (2008) Partnership working in health and social care Bristol: Policy Press.

partnership working in health and social care

This is the first book in the series and the 2nd edition came out in 2014.  This book focuses on providing an accessible account of the policy context behind collaborative working across health and social care and an overview of the evidence based surrounding this concept.

Carpenter, J. & Dickinson, H. (2008) Interprofessional education and training. Bristol: Policy Press.


Written with John Carpenter, this book provides and overview of the concept of interprofessional education and training and the evidence base surrounding this issue.

Dickinson, H. (2008) Evaluating outcomes in health and social care. Bristol: Policy Press.

evaluating outcomes

In this book I provide an overview of both the evidence base surrounding the outcomes that health and social care collaboration has delivered and the types of evaluation approaches that we can use to assess this.

Jelphs, K., & Dickinson, H. (2008) Working in teams. Bristol: Policy Press.

working in teams

In this book Kim Jelphs and I investigate the evidence base for working in teams.  Although we all do it and health and social care policy encourages practitioners and professionals to do more of it, people often struggle to work in teams.  This book provides a number of different frameworks to help develop better teamworking.

Peck, E., & Dickinson, H. (2008) Managing and leading in inter-agency settings. Bristol: Policy Press.

managing and leading

It is often suggested that better management and leadership are important ingredients of organisational success and the literature on collaboration is no different.  In this book Edward Peck and I examine the literature to assess how much leadership and management really matter and how we can make this more effective.

Dickinson, H. & Mannion, R. (2012) Policy and practice in the reform of healthcare. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke

reform of healthcare

This book was edited by myself and Russell Mannion and features the best papers from the 2010 Organisational Behavior in Health Care conference which was hosted by the University of Birmingham.  This was the first international conference that I had been involved in organising and the book serves as a great reminder of this event.

Glasby J. & Dickinson H. (2009) International perspectives on Health and Social Care: Partnership working in action. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford.

int perspectives

Jon Glasby and I edited this book as part of the Promoting Partnership for Health book series published in association with the UK Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education (CAIPE). The series explores partnership for health from policy, practice and educational perspectives. Whilst strongly advocating the imperative driving collaboration in healthcare, it adopts a pragmatic approach. Far from being starry eyed, the series alerts readers to the pitfalls and ways to avoid them.  This book brings together contributors from a number of different countries to explore issues relevant to collaborative working.


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