In the media

Here is a collection of articles that have appeared recently in media or trade press sites.  These are organised by the theme that they deal with.


The four things you need to know about commissioning The Mandarin, 13th March 2015

Commissioning public services: the definition – and aims – matterThe Mandarin, 22nd January 2015

What skills does a ‘smaller’ government need? The Conversation, 15th May 2014

A privatisation message for the Commission of AuditThe Conversation 13th January, 2014

A webinar hosted by HSRAANZ exploring the first year of PHNs and commissioning, recorded in June 2016 can be found here

21st Century Public Servant 

21st century public service: changing education and recruitmentThe Mandarin, 13th January 2015.

21st century public service: shared vision needed for ‘softer’ skillsThe Mandarin, 17th December, 2014.

The 21st century public service: are we ready for the change needed?  The Mandarin, 8th December, 2014

Creating the 21st century public servant: emerging from identity crisisThe Mandarin 14th July,2014

The 21st-century public servant needs new skillsGuardian Society, 1st May 2013

The making of the 21st century public servantGuardian Professional, 22nd November 2012.


What are NDIS scheme actuaries measuring and what are they missing? Power to Persuade, 31st July 2018

Dickinson, H (2018) Explainer: how much does the NDIS cost and where does this money come from?  The Conversation, 8th May 2018.

Taking the pulse of the NDIS.  The Policy Shop, Episode 35, 6th December 2017.

How is the NDIS faring so far?, Nightlife, 17th October 2017

Choice and control: the challenge of growing the NDIS, Life Matters, 5th July 2017.

Short video on NDIS research presentation at Victorian Parliamentary Library

The NDIS costs are on track, but that doesn’t mean all participants are getting the support they need.  The Conversation, 15th June.

Can the NDIS deliver?  Pursuit, 23rd May 2017.

Budget 2017 sees Medicare rebate freeze slowly lifted and more funding for NDIS: experts respond.  The Conversation, 9th May 2017.

Call for more sector input to NDIS as problems abound.  The Wire, 5th May 2017

NDIS hiccups are expected, as with any large-scale reform.  The Conversation, 18th April 2017.

What’s the verdict on Labor’s Health Summit?  Cautious optimism, but devil is in the detail and big concerns on disability.  Croakey, March 30th 2017.

Will the NDIS and individualisation of disability services enhance human rights? Right Now, 22nd February, 2016

More choice for the disabled.  Counterpoint, 30th November, 2015

Is Australia ready to give people with disabilities real choice and control over services?  The Conversation, 24th November, 2015

Can individualising care services help renew democracy? DemocracyRenewal, 6th September, 2015

Medical roles

Female doctors in Australia are hitting glass ceilings – why? The Conversation, 6th January, 2016

This radio interview based on the above piece was hosted by 2ser

How your doctor’s job satisfaction affects the care you receiveThe Conversation, 15th August 

Health policy

Research – nothing about us without usHealth Voices, 14th May 2018. Available from

Budget 2018 boosts aged care, rural health and medical research: health experts respondThe Conversation, 9th May 2018.

Why the Jacquie Lambie Network’s Tasmanian health plan doesn’t add upThe Conversation, 13th February 2018.

Withdrawing funding for hospitals’ mistakes probably won’t lead to better patient care The Conversation, 29th November 2017

I also did an interview with 2SER based on the above piece and the podcast can be found here

What do the liberal and labor election health policies mean for you?  The Conversation, 24th June, 2016

Election factCheck: Has the Coalition cut bulk-billing for pathology and scans to make people pay more?  The Conversation, 28th June, 2016


Replacing pharmacists isn’t the answer to better productivity.  The Conversation, 25th October, 2017.

Where should we use robots in care services?  The Mandarin, 20th November, 2017.

What does the future of care look like?  Power to Persuade, 6th August 2018


How can we think about stewardship?  The Mandarin, 30th November, 2017.


Don’t underestimate the power of representation Wiley Society Podcast, 8th March, 2018.



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